Fuck off with that goki needs a nerf bullshit what the fuck man he’s so ass like really I miss a random heavy I get gb( like most characters) and he so easy to beat yea he has HA light but look at ducking zerker and if I miss my hug you get 2 seconds to punish me wtf and even max punish like top heavy from raider punish now for cent maybe not due to rocksteady and if you play.

You can roll out of a hug mixup, recover, sprint back into range, and still punish Shugoki with a heavy before he recovers.

What 1000 HOURS of SHUGOKI Experience Looks Like - For HonorSHUGOKİ : forhonor – r/forhonor: The Home of For Honor on Reddit! For Honor is a Third-Person Fighting Game, developed and published by Ubisoft for Windows PC.

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Die Rüstung des Shugoki. Der Shugoki führt ein Kanabo, eine gewaltige Holzkeule mit Metalldornen. Ihre Waffe ist schwer und langsam, aber aufgrund ihrer Stärke vermögen sie sie schneller als erwartet zu nutzen und damit verheerenden Schaden anzurichten.

For Honor Guide: Shugoki Info and Tips | For.

– This move will always kill an opponent when Shugoki is in a Critical health State. Shugoki Gear. Shugoki hits hard and has a lot of health, but you will be taking damage a lot when using the uninterruptible stance — so investing in Defense is a good idea. Weapon Part 1 – All 3 are useful for Shugoki, but I prefer Defense over the others.

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For Honor – Gameplay zu Walküre, Shugoki und Gesetzesbringer Im Internet kursieren aktuell die rohen Tutorial-Videos zu den Helden Walküre, Shugoki und Gesetzesbringer aus For Honor.

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Shugoki są jedną z grywalnych klas w grze The Honor. Reprezentuje on frakcję Samurajów. Shugoki są kolosami skupiającymi się na niszczących uderzeniach. Wysoki poziom zdrowia oraz pasywna postawa nieprzerywalności zapewniają im możliwość przyjęcia większej liczby ciosów oraz swobodę ataków.

For Honor Shugoki Counters and Match-Ups Shugoki in For Honor is weak against the likes of Kensei, Warden Peacekeeper, and Orochi. On the other.

So people are asking to 1v1 me because they are mad because I bank or I am just better that them. I use shugoki and people say he’s broken and he’s S tier and I tell them no he’s like C Or B tier and he’s not very good and they nerfed his one tap which kinda sucks but I hate those kind of people can any one tell me if goki is god tier or just normal.

I used to play the shit put of Shugoki before his rework and I’m trying to pick him up now but for some reason he feels useless all my attacks are slow and I only have two hit combos with a grab that I can faint? His doge is nonexistent witch is super fun vs someone like highlander or jorm who you should doge alot against I use to clean house.